S&P John Richards Indirectly UnderScores Socialist Business & Credit Practices!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mascale, Aug 6, 2011.

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    CNN managed to land an interview with S&P Sovereign Debt, Head Sovereign Debit Analyzer In Charge, John Chambers even on Agust 5, late night. The Republicans are now squarely the anti-business part of the world. No more spending is allowed in the stores.

    1) The GOP did not include a tax the rich increase, and are likely to continue to oppose tax increases on the rich.

    2) The GOP is not likely to oppose exhorbitant Medicare Payments to ultra-rich providers and institutions.

    3) The GOP is not likely to appose adjustment of the Social Security COLA.

    4) The GOP is not likely to create a more progressive tax rate climate, in favor of the more regressive tax rate climate it traditionally supports.

    "However, one of S&P's explicit criticisms of the compromise was that it didn't address the biggest drivers of the nation's debt -- Social Security and Medicare -- and didn't allow for additional tax revenue."

    "John Chambers, Head of Sovereign Ratings for S&P, told CNN that though S&P didn't have a specific target in mind, the total debt reduction package was not sufficient. Chambers also noted that the plan did not take steps in the near term to boost economic growth."

    Obama The President famously attacked the U. S. A. has not having a Triple A Political System. S&PSovereign Debt Chief Chambers affirmed the Democrat-stated position.

    The GOP is anti-business, opposed to business credit, and opposed to customers in the stores with any and all kinds of Socialist credit. Credit is not commodity money, of the pirates, that GOP supports. S&P Chief Chambers affirmed that too!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken Not Stirred!"
    (White Eyes know that real value is in paper--like ARM created mortages!)
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    1. automatic across the board cuts happen if the Super Committee can't agree on specific cuts
    2. The Bush Tax Cuts expire at the end of 2012, so there is an automatic revenue increase built-in (more guaranteed now after the S+P downgrade)

    I can see S+P putting us back to AAA if we take the 43-cents a dollar borrow down to zero. We need the dems to put up a realistic Budget.

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