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    Many of our members have had some questions and concerns as to the rules and the enforcement of those rules. I know this doesn't answer all of the questions, nor can it, the 'moderator discretion' aspect is a nebulous but necessary tool, as some situations arise where no hard, fast rule exists or can exist without it becoming draconian in nature. I know this will give everyone a better idea of what to look for.

    The word “****” was relegated to the Flame Zone and PM's by the board Administrator at least a year and a half ago, we continue to enforce this on the open board, Visitor Messages, and in reported Rep Comments, which are Public. This will include any attempted "variation" of the word that's intended to circumvent the rule. A member can not infer another member engages in an act of beastiality in any forum.

    No, we Moderators cannot read your PMs unless those specific PMs are reported to us.

    Accusing, insinuating or alluding to another poster as a pedophile is NOT allowed. If you think someone is a pedophile and you think you can prove it then call law enforcement, .
    We have adopted a new policy here at USMB. A member can no longer infer another member engages in an act of beastiality in any forum.

    Selective quoting is not the same as modifying quotes and the quote in question will only be considered modified if the original posters user name is attached to it.

    If you constantly attack another poster or an opposing side then you should be prepared to be neg repped, a lot and it is NOT considered abuse of the rep system. If, however you post a simple, “how are you, isn't it a nice day” type of post and someone neg reps it that IS abuse of the system and if it is reported we will do as the rules state.

    Everyone here will be treated equally, no one will be granted special protection or unduly singled out for any reason. The board Rules and Guidelines apply to everyone, that means if someone can't hack it here they need to find someplace that better fits their temperament. It also means that if someone is found to be attempting to disrupt or undermine the board and it's members, that person will be given the opportunity to find another site to post on.

    Discussing administrators, moderators and rules in general on the open forum is NOT a violation of the rules, it's been done in the past and we don't see any reason for that to stop. However, bringing a specific mod action or specifics of a mod action into the open forum IS a violation of the rules and will be dealt with accordingly. If a mod/admin thread (or any thread for that matter) has degenerated into nothing more then a pissing and moaning contest we will close and or trash the thread in question at our discretion as indicated in the Rules and Guidelines.

    I know there have been some questions and concerns about supposed arbitrary mod actions recently, if you have a specific issue with it then contact the Admin personnel via PM and they will review it to determine if it's arbitrary as claimed or not, based entirely on the governing Rules and Guidelines.
    All official moderator actions will be in red, all unofficial moderator suggestions are that only, suggestions, and not subject to moderator action, warnings, infractions or banning regardless of what color it is though, in order to alleviate any confusion non-official suggestions should be typed as normal, in black.

    Socks. If you think someone is a sock by all means report it, we will investigate using the tools at our disposal. If that poster is still around after that then we were unable to determine that poster was a sock and there is no need to continually harangue us over it, I don't care what you believe. Proof, not suspicion is the key.

    Patience on your parts and a little help will do more to ease this transition and make the board run smoothly than anything else. We will however not tolerate the manipulative little children's games some seem to have a propensity to indulge in at our expense. If we catch you doing it you'll get a vacation, if it happens again you get your permanent relocation notice.
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