Ron Paul takes MAINE & NEVADA away from Romney : )

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wolfstrike, May 7, 2012.

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    Ron Paul takes NEVADA away from Romney : )
    (it was reported in the papers that Ron Paul was the "real" winner of Nevada during the vote months ago)

    let's assume Ron Paul has a 7 percent chance of winning this election.
    what that means is, the American public has a 7 percent chance of possibly avoiding another disaster this election.
    so go head and trash him and say what ever you want.

    the Obama/Romney ticket is all about securing that health care bill and robbing your whole family of your hard earned cash.

    there's nothing you can say to defend Romney, the guy is a sell-out piece of crap, and if you are planning to vote for him you may as well save 3 bucks, and save your voting power for American Idol, would be less of a crime


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