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    Caterack, among world’s oldest cats, dies at 30

    Caterack, the kitty who kept owner Alisa Morris company the past 30 years, died on Thursday.

    Morris, who shared her beloved cat's story with last month, said her pet — who may have been among the world's oldest living cats — had been experiencing kidney problems and had gotten very frail.

    "I drove her to the vet wrapped in a towel," Morris told in an e-mail. "She purred when they prepped her and she went so peacefully."

    In the cat's last days, Morris of Midlothian, Texas had switched Caterack to wet food because she was having trouble chewing. "I've had to go to the little package stuff that's wet," Morris had said earlier. "That's the only thing that she can get down."

    Caterack, among world’s oldest cats, dies at 30

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