Refugees Tell Their Stories Through Photos Of Their Possessions

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    PHOTOGRAPHER JIM LOMMASSON had been struggling with a project for six months.

    He was taking portraits of refugees at their homes in the U.S., intending to create something similar to his photography/oral history collection, “Exit Wounds: Soldiers’ Stories — Life After Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Something, however, wasn’t working.

    Then a woman told him about the items that she had been able to bring with her from Iraq: a family portrait and a Koran. She asked Lommasson to make a copy of the portrait. He obliged, made an extra print, and asked her to write why she brought those items.

    “What We Carried: Fragments & Memories from Iraq & Syria” was born.
    Translation: These coffee cups remind me of my precious father who taught me so much, and who I will always remember with love and gratitude … How many times have we happily drunk bitter coffee from these cups in our house … until the decorations disappeared from its surface … I couldn’t leave these cups in Baghdad despite having left so many valuable things.

    11 Captivating Photos Of The Objects Refugees Brought With Them While Escaping Syria And Iraq

    The link What We Carried takes you to the exhibit but this link:
    What We Carried is the photographers.

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