Redefining Religion's 'Fact', An Apocolyptical Event

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by Iridescence, May 27, 2011.

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    So this is a touch and go kind of thing, eh, sorta. The debate and yet not worth the words spoken exchange about whether the USA has been founded on Christianity or not, the argumentative and spastic minds of faith pushing their cloak and dagger views upon ears that hear without listening. There are moments that fear delivers the audience from the madness of the speaker's/preacher's/pastor's potential hypnotic casting of our beloved biblical God's Spell (Gospel) and yet moments within the same setting in which fear turns into self-disgust and sometimes painful anger and recognition of failure in which only further enslaves the masses into more devotion toward the illusion of whatever their mental capacity allows for them to acquire for their own demise, which is supposedly necessary in order to attain the most effective, the most efficient levels of healing, of purity. The Purge.

    What part of the nation needs to understand that the power resides within 'us all'? It seems that with the unemployment rate being such a sore spot every place that sprinkling the awareness toward personal empowerment would not be spice enough, perhaps there obviously needs to be a good measure accordingly to population numbers mingled in enough to mangle the depths of stagnancy.

    Sadly, some of the best examples given, however, are also the ones too often rejected by those who could use the potential insight the most, or so it seems.

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