Reasons you might want to vote for Mittens

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    Following are some reasons why you might want to vote for Mitt Romney for president.

    1- If you want to cut back on Medicare by making it a voucher program that shifts all price risk of affording insurance to the elderly.

    2- If you want to further increase defense spending which currently is at a level equal to more than the next ten largest countries of the world combined.

    3- If you want to have a war with Iran by completely turning over U.S. defense policy to his good friend and Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    4- If you want to cut back on government spending for the poor, the sick, the unemployed and the elderly.

    5- If you want to return to the trickle down economic policies of George W. Bush which called for less taxes on the wealthy and corporations on the pretext that the rest of us would do better.

    6- If you think it would be a good idea to cut back on student loans or raise the interest rate on them closer to a market rate.

    7- If you think that the reason the financial crisis occurred is because bankers were too heavily regulated and would like to see even more bank regulation removed.

    8- If you want the banks to get bigger, less regulated and more leveraged with debt.

    9- If you believe that Romney is right in refusing to release his income tax information for prior years that will show how he made his fortune and if he paid his fair share of taxes.

    10- If you want lower taxes and bigger deficits and greater country debt. (No, it is a lie that lower taxes reduces deficits in the long run.)

    11- If you think it is a good idea to have completely free trade with low wage countries like China and Vietnam where the average wage is less than $1 an hour even though it is destroying our middle class.

    12- If you think it good to eviscerate unions in this country and leave worker's rights and their wages solely up to the conscience of their paymasters.

    13- If you want to go another four or eight years supporting the oil and gas companies and preventing any serious exploration of solar and other alternative energies.

    14- If you want to go another four or eight years without any serious investigation into global warming and its possible ill effects on our country.

    15- If you want Social Security to be privatized and the investment risk shifted to retirees but run by big Wall Street banks.

    16- If you have one big overriding concern like gun control or abortion that keeps you voting against your economic interest and keeps jobs and factories moving offshore.

    17- If you want the wealthy, the corporations and the banks to have more say in our elections and be able to spend freely to swamp our airwaves with self-serving messages during elections.

    18- If you want lobbyists to have even more say for their corporate special interests in Washington than they already do.

    19- If you would like to see an even greater split between the very rich and the rest of us as Romney's policies would do nothing but exacerbate income and wealth inequality in America.

    20- If you want to see the anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-worker, anti-environment rhetoric of the Republican dominated House of Representatives become one step closer to becoming the law of the land.

    21- If you believe that the economic, tax, war, environmental and foreign policies of George W. Bush were a good thing and want them continued in the future as Romney has stated no policy that differs from his predecessor.

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    I would add another reason - nostalgia for Ronnie Ray-Gun's flustered blathering. Remember how he would have a staff member come out the next day and say, "What the president meant to say ...". Ah, the good old days.

    With Etch A Sketch, we could have that incompetence back again. First he says or does something really dumb and then, next day, he "walks it back".

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