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    So for some reason I thought about an old flame (really old, sigh) and was wondering where he'd lit. He's a newspaper editor and has moved around a lot since we went our separate ways (one of the reasons we went separate ways. I didn't want to move every few years. Plus he's a democrat. Not a true liberal. I don't think.)

    Anyway, only one person with his name came up on FB, but I clicked on a link on the page (no pics, only 6 friends) after I noticed one of his friends is a newsguy, and sure enough, it was a link to the paper my friend is managing editor of.

    So I sent him a friend request. I wasn't very nice to him after we broke up, lol. I think our last conversation may have ended with me saying some really rude things about his new girlfriend (which I WHOLE HEARTEDLY regret) and him hanging up on me.

    I dunno...the paper was a bad environment for me. I said some really stupid things while working there, my only excuse is that it's just a toxic environment for me.

    He would be perfectly justified in not accepting my friend request, and given the fact he only has 6 friends he probably will. Still, it's always kinda fun to run across people from the past.

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