Random thoughts recorded: Favre and the Braves

Discussion in 'Sports' started by CrimsonWhite, Apr 8, 2008.

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    It is March and Spring Training is upon us. Those of you who know me well know that I live and die by the accomplishments of my sports teams. Though my wife thinks this is unhealthy, I still tune in. I am the guy that watches sportscenter two to four times daily. The sound of: duh duh duh. ...duh duh duh makes me feel comforted like the security blankets of our youth. This past week has been bittersweet for me on a couple of levels. One being that Tommy Glavine's career has come full circle and is once again throwing that nasty cutter in a Braves uniform. I know this is not the off season move that will make my Braves contenders again, but it is still great to see him back. The problem is this: it will probably be for only one year and I will be subjected to another emotional retirement next year.

    Unless you have been in a cave you already know that Brett Favre has retired. Those of you that I speak to regularly know that I have been crying like the big pansy that I am for a week now. As a Packer Backer, a Brett Favre retirement can be equated to having your favorite hunting dog pass away of old age. You know the dog is in a better place, but hunting will never be the same without him. For me, I will still hunt. I will still watch the Packers suit up on Sunday and I will still get thrown out of bars for picking fights with dumbass Bears fans, but there will always be something missing. No one will ever bring the moxie that Favre brought to a football game.

    I barely remember the Packers before Favre. My study of history has given me knowledge of Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, and Vince Lombardi, but those days were long gone when I first saw the Pack suit up. I lived through the Brett Favre era. Those days have now ended and I fear that football will never be the same for me. I have high hopes for Aaron Rodgers. I saw talent that few recognized in our loss to Dallas this past season. I think that if he plays his game he will be fine. He is our immediate future, but he will never be Brett Favre. He will not win 160 games while throwing over 230 INT's doing it. He will not be willing to lose in order to win. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he will. The one thing that I have right is this: I will miss Brett Favre. Thank you for frustration. Thank you for the disappointment. Thank you for the triumphs. But most of all, on behalf of all Packers fans, I would like to thank Mr. Favre for the memories.

    As for Tommy Glavine, I wish him luck this year and will tune into as many games as I can in my small corner of Illinois. He is a welcome addition to a rotation that has not been the same since he left. I will enjoy watching his last hurrah with Smoltz. The only thing that would make my days as a Braves fan sweeter is a healthy Greg Maddux. This is a pipe dream, but my hope for a new division run is not.

    Thank you to TBS for for giving me an excuse to buy the DirecTV MLB Package. Go Braves.

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