Raed Salah wins permission to appeal against deportation decision

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    On 7th November 2011 an Immigration Judge granted Sheikh Raed Salah permission to appeal the ruling of the First-tier (Immigration) Tribunal. Sheikh Salah has been granted permission to appeal on all 6 grounds submitted to the Judge.

    Sheikh Salah, a former democratically elected Mayor of Umm al-Fahm in Israel, was subject to an Exclusion Order issued against him by the Home Secretary earlier this year. He had been invited to the UK to address members of Parliament in respect of the Arab Spring and what it meant for Palestinians. The Home Secretary had failed to notify Sheikh Salah that he had been excluded and as a result he travelled to the UK unaware of the order. The Home Office has confirmed that were issues in relation to border controls in the summer of 2011. It is accepted by the Home Secretary that Sheikh Salah was not aware of the Exclusion Order and was not prevented from entering the UK when he arrived at Heathrow Airport.

    Despite being allowed unimpeded into the UK, Sheikh Salah was arrested on 28th June 2011 as a result of alleged ‘immigration offences’ and detained at HMP Bedford. Sheikh Salah was granted bail by a High Court Judge shortly after issuing Judicial Review proceedings in respect of that detention. Following the Judicial Review hearing the Court ruled that Sheikh Salah had been unlawfully detained during the initial part of his detention. Sheikh Salah remains on bail pending determination of his Appeal against deportation.

    Raed Salah wins permission to appeal against deportation decision

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