Questions the Debate Moderator could NEVER ask Obama… (..but should have..) (Subje

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    Questions the Debate Moderator could NEVER ask Obama… (..but should have..)

    (Subject: Racism in the Obama Presidency)

    1.) President Obama, can you explain why… since 2008… there has been the resurgence of the racial epithet, “******”, used much more than before?

    2.) President Obama, could you please comment, what is your opinion on Racial Polarization of the Internet, and the efforts by the Internet giants/controllers (Google, and.. Google) to suppress certain “racial” search terms?

    3.) President Obama, can you explain why there is, since 2008, newly developed Racial Polarization of all media, where “Conservatism” now equals “Racism”?

    4.) President Obama, can you explain why American Negroes, as a group, voted almost 100-percent for you in 2008, simply because you are a mulatto, but you have no problem with that being “racist”, correct?

    5.) President Obama, could you please comment - - your Senate seat was declared by black agit-props in Illinois to be a “black” seat, which must be re-filled based on color not on character or skills… but that isn’t racist, correct?

    6.) President Obama, I’ve waited almost 4-years to ask this question - - Eric Holder?? Eric-fugckin’-Holder, are you shitting me??

    7.) President Obama, could you please comment, the main stream media ignores what real Americans call “The Race Card” - - The allegation is, that when all else fails, you and your handlers trot-out that “first-black-president” crap, as if it is a shield, or a source of pride… Do you believe that is fair to normal Americans?

    8.) President Obama, in your birfing story, if we are to take it at face value, you were allegedly raised by not-too-stupid white folks, but you appear to have cultivated the ability to “act black” and to “talk black”, but that’s OK, correct? I’m just saying… whenever you address black agitators or black political leaders, you seem to adopt the style of a Black Southern Baptist preacher, circa 1960s. Most of the MSM thinks it’s cute, and they don’t report on it critically or objectively. Here is my question - - How about if Romney was addressing a group of California Gays or the New York Rabbinical Society, and what if Romney altered his speech cadence, accent, and choice of slang usage in order to try to emulate the way he believes that stereotypical Gays and Jewish folks talk... should the MSM gently overlook that aberration?

    9.) President Obama, could you please comment - - It’s been said that your presidency brings false “empowerment” to those who are de facto wards of the State, and only exacerbates the current racial problems, which will ultimately make future clean-ups that much more difficult. In the long run, aren’t you doing more harm than good for your race?

    10.) President Obama, do you realize the International damage that has been caused by your presidency, by bringing race and your African heritage to the forefront of politics… it makes Amerika the laughing stock of the planet… just ask any Russian why Putin is respected and feared, and you ain’t. The laughing goes from political to popular and mainstream, when you realize that you are the most photo shopped president, ever. Could you comment on that?
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    Go away dumb bigot.

    Go to Stormfront or some other white pride (trash) forum.

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