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    I’m not a “conspiracy theorist” and I’m not trying to suggest that there is anything here of that nature. However, there really wouldn’t be anything new about a government agency breaking the law or trying to cover their proverbial butts with a mop. With that in mind I have come across an interesting series of coincidences regarding a crime that took place here in southern Arizona some time ago.

    These are all quotes from an Arizona daily star article that I have cut out and reordered of to call attention to certain details. At the end there are some related links.

    Bush's brain is 'unusually deviant,' psychologist says

    Relevant quotes:

    “(Jason) Bush was convicted of first-degree murder in the May 30, 2009, deaths of Arivaca residents Raul Junior Flores, 29, and Brisenia Flores, 9.
    One document in particular said Bush was an infantryman, explosive- ordnance disposal expert, Special Forces weapons sergeant, Special Forces communications sergeant, counterintelligence agent, pathfinder, sniper, polygraph operator and foreign-counterintelligence agent.
    It also said Bush was trained in Special Forces target interdiction operations, Special Forces military free-fall and underwater operations, countersignals intelligence operations and cryptanalysis.
    The document, dated April 2004, stated Bush was an eight-year veteran who has been on operations in Argentina, Colombia, Antarctica, Belize, Panama and Ecuador.
    Parrish also showed jurors (supposedly) fake military travel vouchers for trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, and alleged National Security Agency and presidential commendations.

    (Note: I have altered this quote from its original appearance in the Arizona daily star only by adding the word “supposedly”)

    Robert Crago conducted a special kind of EEG test called a qualitative EEG test on Bush.
    He found Bush's brain activity is exceptionally slow and that various parts of his brain aren't in sync with other parts, Crago said.
    Melinda Williams, who was living with Bush when he was arrested, testified she never knew Bush had a history of criminal behavior or mental-health issues.
    Crago insisted the qualitative EEG is the "gold standard" of EEGs when prosecutor Rick Unklesbay asked him if many professionals question its validity.
    Crago also said the fact that Bush's past EEGs have all turned out normal was irrelevant to him in making his diagnosis.

    (Interesting that two EEG’s showed normal activity, and a third suddenly shows an incredible level of neurological damage, one wonders if the first two were conducted by incompetent professionals or if an event occurred in between the second and third EEG)

    Welcome to the National Security Agency - NSA/CSS
    Psychological warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Report: Army used psychological warfare tactics to convince senators to send more troops | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

    The president in office during the timeframe in which he would have received that commendation was of course George Bush (no relation). Hypothetically speaking, let’s say this guy retired, but the hum drum life was a little slow next to the mission impossible crap he used to do and the guy wasn’t all there to start with. and while he’s sitting around being himself hyper republican and reminiscing about his glory days getting to meet the conservative president he himself thought of as the greatest president ever, there’s all this in the news about illegal immigration, and he knows of this immigrant rights advocate, Raul Junior Flores. If one were to “hypothetically” presume that this man is who he says he is such a thing could be very damaging not only for a certain agency, but also a certain political party.

    The National security agency operates completely in the dark, behind a wall of absolute secrecy and such conditions encourage corruption with little chance of reciprocity for illegal actions. With the hurricane of rumors that surround this agency and its possible illegal actions up to and including the possibility that physiological warfare has been employed domestically, is it unreasonable to expect a full, complete, and fully transparent investigation?
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