Putting Gay Rights In Perspective(?)! Food Stamps, Welfare, & Medicaid For All(?)!

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    Liberals and Conservatives alike agree that Lyndon Johnson, as President, set in motion the basis outcome of the Civil Rights movement in the United States. The count of welfare recipients nearly tripled, and then there would happen the Nixon, Carter, and Reagan expansions of anti-poverty programs. The apparent concept, Ivy League, was to keep anyone arriving at the lower end--at the dead end it was all about.

    Neither Kennedy nor Martin Luther King would live to see what really had happened.

    TANF and Federal Welfare | Downsizing the Federal Government

    Welfare Reform was supposed to reverse that. Al Gore could even take credit for inventing internet--and he was just a Vice President, who really had no need to broker any stand-offs. Many had already conceded that President Clinton's ancestry was a little to shrouded(?)!

    So now President Obama has decided to return to basic Liberal Democratic--not to very smart about economics--kinds of values. The Ivy League is back in charge--having lapsed from asendancy, counting all the bail-out money.

    "Live Long And Prosper," was still a norm--among the well-to-do, and mainly princely. Getting the lower part of the income scale back out of the market place: Could have no finer turn than from an Obama level family in charge! The kids shun the public schools in favor of learning the pricey arts instead. The Father abandoned Make Work Pay and the Payroll Tax Holiday--just in the space of four short years. Now the mother has to visit France, and basically do Paris!

    Camelot again!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Interesting how the innaugural could turn Civil Rights into a national examination of just how deep a scam the entire program really is, in place!)

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