Protest against Israeli team in Ireland

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    In Bray town, Ireland on Wednesday 25th August members of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) took part in a demonstration as the Irish Women's soccer team played Israel in a FIFA World Cup Qualifier at the Carlisle Grounds (home of Bray Wanderers FC).

    "IPSC National Chairperson Freda Hughes said: “Israel is a racist apartheid state with a human rights record worse than that of Apartheid South Africa. It continues to defy United Nations Security Council Resolutions and breaches International law on a daily basis. It is long past time that Israel was shown that there is a heavy price to pay for its human rights abuses, war crimes and continued denial of freedom to the Palestinian people.”

    Ms Hughes added: "While some may suggest that sports and politics shouldn't mix, we believe there is no place in sport for racism or teams who act as ambassadors for racist or apartheid states.”

    Ms Hughes continued: “Attempts by the Palestinian national soccer team to participate in International competitions are consistently hampered by Israel. Travel restrictions including refusing players exit visas as well as a complete ban on travel between the West Bank and Gaza makes training virtually impossible and has led to cancelled internationals. In 2006, Israel bombed their stadium in Gaza and three footballers were murdered during their month long attack on the strip last year.”

    Ms Hughes concluded: “The IPSC are urging people to take a stand against Israeli apartheid and to show their solidarity with the people of Palestine. We are urging Irish fans not to travel to Israel for the second leg of this tie. Similar to the International boycott of the Apartheid South African regime, Israel must be boycotted completely, including all sporting events such as tonight's game. The Boycott helped end South African apartheid. It can be used again to help end Israeli apartheid and secure freedom for Palestine.”


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