Private Bussing v Board of Education of Topeka

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    The Board of Education of Topeka with the 1954 case, which changed a great deal of education for white and black students going to a public education: for the good and the bad. Still, has it really given black and white students an equal level of education for both races, and now with Hispanic moving into the south? As I write, I live in Tennessee, a state that did fight the reforms of Brown v Board of Education of Topeka.

    Within Tennessee, most of the students that do attend public school gets a ride from a private bus; or, if nobody wanted to provide bussing; or, if nobody could provide bussing: the students would have to be driven to school, or have to find some other way to get to school. There is a great deal of parents that drive their children to school and pick them up from school. With that system, most of the time middle to upper income parents drive their children to school. The problem is the lower income families, the poor whites, and poor black or Hispanic population does not have the means or ability to drive their children to school.

    Is the argument from the right, that tells the public of the benefits of private business – is it a way to limit the education of the black population to attend public education. As bussing to school and back, is not a given right where I live. The school board cannot force a private business to provide bussing to everyone. If there is someone willing to provide a limited amount of bussing; the school board can only make a deal with the provider of bussing. This give the bus provider, a way to pick and choice what bus root they want and what the school board is willing to pay the private bus provider.

    Since the private bus provider can pick their root to pick up students. The goal is profit; therefore, the bus service can say a high area of a black population could be rejected: as the argument would be a high risk of a criminal act performed on their bus or busses. Therefore, most private business bus services picks a root with a low crime rate area, and most of the time it is more of a solid white population then a more solid black population. This system, does not favor a high crime area with a lower income black population area.

    Since the lower black income area is rejected, if the school board cannot give total access to bussing with a private business bus service. That population must send their children by a parent or some guardian willing to drive the student to school and back. If they cannot, then that child would not be able to attend school.

    With the private business bus service, only limits the access of the black population to attend a public education.

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