President Medvedev of Russia TWO jokes about Illuminati End Times: gold and Einstein

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    President Medvedev of Russia TWO jokes about Illuminati End Times
    In less than one month President Medvedev of Russia is credited with two KEY acts, using the jokes format:
    June 4, 2009 - President Medvedev maximally reduces, totally decoded, how to expose the uttermost reduced illuminati joke, Illuminati's alias Einstein's Theory of Relativity;
    July 13, 2009- President Medvedev of Russia uses inversion, the technique that comes closer to totally decoded, to maximally reduce the ultimate Illuminati Goal, Global Slavery. The elements he uses in his joke: "World Money" to "Show Off Future".

    End Time Sign: reaction of the beasts to the two milestone jokes
    As revealing about Illuminati End Times as the contents of the two jokes, are the reactions of the brainwashed audience to the two jokes.
    - the joke used to expose "Theory of Relativity" was decoded only by End Times Prophet and noticed by nobody else. (1)
    - the joke used to expose the goal of Global Slavery was noticed by quite a lot more, beginning by the fact that it was mentioned by some illuminati media. (2)
    Yet again nobody else got what the joke was about. (3)

    Godsent Vladimir Putin and the three stages of communication
    While President Medved is still in charge of telling russian jokes, Godsent Vladimir Putin has already moved to the next stage, where the mood no more allows for jokes (4).
    A stage that can't last long, before the third and last stage: when the "sky will be falling", just before the shit hits the fan (5), what "coincidentally" is the content of another russian joke decoded only by one and the same.

    (1) June 4, 2009 - TURN ON Russia Today NOW !!! President Medvedev EXPOSES Illuminati's alias Einstein's Theory of Relativity
    Reductionism in End Times - KEY to conspiracies. In fact nothing escapes its Laws.: President Medvedev EXPOSES Theory of Relativity! TURN ON RussiaToday TV NOW!

    (2) From illuminati media, with title "Medvedev Shows Off Future World Money"
    After months of pushing for a new world currency, President Dmitry Medvedev had more than an idea to tout at his G8 news conference. He had the real thing.With a broad grin, Medvedev held aloft a shiny gold coin Friday that he said represented a “symbol of unity” and a possible “future world currency.”
    “I have some supranational currency in my pocket that I got as a souvenir. This is a test sample of a currency unit under the Unity in Diversity motto,” Medvedev said, holding the coin between two fingers.
    “It is called the United Future World Currency. It can already be seen and touched,” he said, according to a transcript posted on the Kremlin’s web site.

    (3) Example: pinned thread at site godlikeproductions, with 5,000 views, despite the fact that Prophet decoded the joke. See text of post beginning with "As the President makes another of his russian jokes, time to remember the TRUE PROPHET (Charles De Gaulle) on the background", at this page 2:
    Russian President Shows Off Future World Money Made Of Gold To Replace US Dollar - Page 2
    In case that post will be deleted, it is these words of End Times Prophet:
    European Union - one head of the Beast: France, May 1968 and Charles de Gaulle - why did the international finance do it? Location in end times timeline? Quiz

    (4) Entered the latest at the first meeting between suicide Obomber and Putin, days ago, where Putin did not try to engage in a "conversation" with "Obama", silently looking in the opposite direction.

    (5) 2009, 30 years later...
    Russian Jokes about Illuminati: Skylab v ISS: toilet jokes: Russia, not NASA is the script writer, 30 years later
    "Skylab v ISS: toilet jokes: 30 years later" - Google Search
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