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Discussion in 'Politics' started by infman4x, Jan 16, 2013.

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    what a dramatic president! gathering children around exploiting them for the liberal agenda, the gun grab. ignorant people see who this guy really is and still swallow his b. s.

    mr. president quit screwing with the constitution. i am proud of the american people who have not fallen for this dictators bologna. what he is trying to do would not solve anything, no common sense. sick people will murder by any means. with obama rules you punish the sane and reward the criminals.

    i pray to god to the real americans that we can prevail over one of the worst presidents in history. everything is all about him and his beliefs, there is no focus to work/ negociate with republicans to do whats right for america, he wants more control of the people.

    by the way colin powell was my brigade commander in 76, i had respect for him at that time, however i have lost that respect. he promotes obama which is a downfall to our country. he says he is a republican and that is not true for his actions. he needs to switch parties.

    he supported hillary clinton on the benghazi incident and that was totally wrong. if clinton was competent she would have had military support on 911 for those folks and she did not shame on her. if she had support and something went wrong then powell would be right, but she dropped the ball. we do not need someone like these two in washing again.

    i thank the american people for standing their ground for what is right and i admonish you slackers/takers weighing down america. thank you! first amendment. president quit being a dictator and do your job.

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