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    The following title question asks:

    Will Christians really vote for Romney?
    After string of disappointing nominees, Republican alliance is crumbling
    Published: 10 hours ago

    Will Christians really vote for Romney?

    I cannot speak for Christians but I can tell you I have no intention of voting for Romney. He stood a miniscule chance of getting my vote if he got the nomination in an open convention. Now, he stands less of a chance than John McCain had in 2008; i.e., no chance at all:

    My reasoning on Romney is that conservatives could extract some promises from him in an open convention. Instead of promises he now has carte blanche to pull the same old double-crosses:

    I’m not so much concerned with those important issues because organized opposition is fighting those battles with or without Romney’s help. A more important concern is that there is no organized opposition to Romney’s New World Order pals or the United Nations. That lack of opposition can be laid on the media’s doorstep. Domestic issues get some coverage —— any vocal opposition to global government and the United Nations gets none.

    Interestingly, the media has been training Americans to think globally; think about the global economy; think about the International community; think about America’s moral obligations, and so on. Okay, let’s do that by opposing everything the New World Order promotes at the expense of America’s independence. Let’s also think about telling the New World Order crowd to shove their manufactured moral obligations so far up their own rear ends they’ll choke on them. I’ll wager that ruling class quislings do not want Americans thinking global along those lines.

    Think about Republican party politics as a shooting war and you’ll see the enemy’s army attacking from the rear while Americans are concentrating on fighting the enemies they see in front of them. Take the analogy one step further and you see Romney-Republicans and Hussein-Democrats inviting the enemy in through the rear gate.

    This next excerpt touches on an overlooked foundation for a third party:

    Third parties in the past pinned their hopes on winning the presidency. That was a mistake. A president without support in both houses of Congress is useless. Even if he vetoed every bill Democrats and Republicans would unite and override the vetoes. Enough true conservatives in Congress will give a third party president a fighting chance.

    It’s too late for a viable third party this year —— a third party dedicated to reestablishing the US Constitution and America’s sovereignty better be on the ballot in every state in 2016:

    One way or the other both major political parties are driving the country over a cliff. The only choice I can see this year is the choice between a hard landing engineered by Hussein & Company or a soft landing done incrementally by Romney Republicans. Either way losing every freedom is the best wake-up call Americans will ever get. It will be too late if the call comes after 2016. By 2020 the US Constitution will have been scrapped entirely; every law-abiding American will have been disarmed, and a United Nations military will be in place to assist in crushing whatever resistance does spring up.

    Finally, 2016 will be the most important election Americans will ever face. What happens in 2016 is far more important than the “Anybody But Obama” crap Republicans are selling this year. If Republicans were serious they would be saying “Anybody But Democrats.” Republicans cannot say “Anybody But Democrats” because the public might start asking what’s the difference? So they’ve reduced it to ABO as though one man is the villain.
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