Powerful Personal Income Growth In Obama Administration

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    Especially this year, then personal income may start to catch up with 2008 levels, having tanked in 2009. Mostly, GOP-allied economists tend to become alarmed at debt burdens. Just last week, the party of killings of Americans, aka, The Party of Abraham Lincoln: Cut off 1.0 mil. people from the unemployment rolls, helping to assure that they, and their neighbors, would be unable to pay down any debt burdens(?)! Now they are alarmed(?)!

    News Release: Personal Income and Outlays, May 2010

    What the Ivy League especially will not tell even little kids: Is that personal income increase is actually how deficits get paid down! Senator Scott Brown, for example, even thinks that getting the Total Credit Market, of more than $50.0 tril., to help with deficit reduction, is a tax, and therefore a bid idea. Brown's objection just has to do with FinReg preventions of disaster. The Europeans actually have a different concept, and will tap the Total Credit Market to pay down government largesse.

    At RNC, comparing, debts do not get paid down with any money(?)!

    The Great Socialist nations, leading the planet economic recovery, will be tapping the credit market for government defict reductions. In contrast there will be RNC(?)! Europe is probably prepared for a re-play of Bush-Cheney, intellectual capabilities--especially compared with Obama-Biden.

    California Republican Senate candidate, Carleton(?) Fiorina: Famously laid off the 28,000 subsequent her infamous corporate ascendancy. That is not the answer to deficit reduction. The planet uses money to pay down deficits. Subseqent Pearl Harbor, California did harbor the Manzanar Solution of The American Civil Right To A Pittance. In Common with Meg Whitman--who is even now touting her own readiness for behind-closed-doors-combat , albeit with females on her own staff--Carleton's reliance on the Manzanar Type of solution to deficit reduction doesn't work. The Senator Brown/Massachusetts/Ivy League failure to acknowledge the Great Socialist Credit Market, providing it a role in human affairs, is not even the bliss normally associated with ignorance.

    The Happy Campers concept of deficit reduction didn't even work in WWII. It didn't worked when Bush-Cheney caused the downtown, following in the Reagan Trajectory, and it is not a viable alternative even now. In contast in America, there is the clear success of the Obama Stimulus Package--such as it was--in getting Personal Income, and consequently spending, moving forward again. Even state and local governments will have a tax base, useful in keeping state and local governments operating.

    In contrast, there is Senator Scott Brown, and the rest of GOP: All clearly opposed.

    European "austerity," even: Means a freeze of government payrolls. Notice that in America, that suggestion has mainly only taken hold at University of California, which cut the bloated, gaseous, flammable material from its budget! It was about to. . . .explode, in a kind of resonance: Easily regarded impolite.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (The more flatulent concept of modern economics: Is generally to be ascribed to the Ivy League varietals, and including the lesser noticed, Schvartz Ivy League varietals, even!)
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