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    They Celebrated 1,100 miles of Pipeline, while we mourned our Dead

    By Vincent L Guarisco

    "There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people
    for a purpose which is unattainable." U.S. Historian ~Howard Zinn, 1993

    As the war in Afghanistan and Iraq rolls onward like a well-heeled Greek
    wheel, a little under-the-radar event went unnoticed by the disserving
    mainstream news media. Less than a week before Memorial Day, while we as a
    nation prepared for another mournful day of remembrance of those who died
    while serving bravely in the Armed Forces, another special celebration was
    in the works: On May 25th 2005, with hardly a smidgeon of news coverage,
    U.S. officials celebrated the completion of the first section of a
    1,100-mile U.S.-backed pipeline bringing Caspian Sea oil to Western markets.
    British Petroleum (B.P.) Chief Executive John Brown, whose company leads the
    venture that built the pipeline, was in attendance and ecstatic with dollar
    signs dancing in his head (and in his bank account). It was after all, a
    "pipedream" come true after years of denial from a Clinton Administration
    who prevented American businessmen from doing business with terrorist

    The $3.2 billion project is expected to deliver 1 million barrels of "Texas
    Tea" a day from the world's third-largest oil and gas reserves, through
    Georgia to the Mediterranean. That's a lot of oil even by "Texas" standards.
    And for those who stand to gain immensely -- undoubtedly, this venture is
    considered a pot of black gold at the end of a very bloody rainbow.

    However, it's common knowledge that before you can enjoy a rainbow, you must
    first weather the storm, and no one can appreciate a depleted-uranium
    hailstorm more than the Afghan and Iraqi populations. I don't speak Afghan
    or Iraqi, but - I'm sure the horrified expression on the many faces of young
    and old alike served as a chilling interpretation, as coalition bombers
    delivered their "hard steel rain." I guess it's safe to say that "fear" is a
    universal language that anyone can understand, sort of like speaking in war
    tongues, if you catch my meaning.

    I want you to think about this for a moment: while thousands of Americans
    made painful pilgrimages across this vast nation to honor our fallen and to
    pay their respects at cemeteries and churches on Memorial Day, U.S.
    officials joined BP officials and other oil tycoons in celebrating their
    pipeline. And they continue to celebrate it even today as our sons and
    daughters continue to perish on multiple battlefields. I guess British
    Petroleum, and the rest of the shrewd gang concluded that oil is much
    thicker and far more profitable than the spilled blood of American soldiers
    and innocent civilians. Indeed. They must.

    And logic dictates in the wake of this madness that if you want something
    bad enough, anything can be made to happen or be "fixed" in order to achieve
    that means, including Pearl Harbor events, manipulation of national foreign
    policy, and wars being fought under the pretense of lies. Hummm, a haunting
    phrase comes to mind as they celebrated their pipeline, as they count their
    blood money and as they continue on with their grim war agenda -- "Mission

    Americans are not stupid; they are beginning to understand that this bunch
    of greedy warmongers is the worst collection of cowards ever to land on the
    throne of power -- in this "freedom-loving" country anyway. It does not set
    well with the American people for a group to get away with murder just
    because they have the money and power to do so. And they despise those who
    are willing to sacrifice the lives of their fellow citizens as well as
    innocent women and children for no other reason than to extend that power.

    Generation after generation has always seen the yellow stripe that runs down
    the backs of rich preppies who are shielded from the horrors of war by their
    rich and powerful parents. Even the village idiot in the White House can
    appreciate the fact of gentility. He fully understands that, when the rich
    start their wars, it's not the rich who get sent to fight them. Oh sure, a
    few of them go as they put together a political career, but we know who toes
    the frontline. Hey George, can you say champagne unit three times real fast
    and keep a straight face? I didn't think so.

    So remember, next time you see the commander-in-thief propped up in front of
    his corporate media teleprompter, blathering on about spreading
    bunker-buster democracy -- and how we must not retreat from war -- remember,
    he held the coats as others fought in his absence during the Vietnam War.
    And currently, while his oil buddies high-five each other in celebration of
    their new oil pipeline, our sons and daughters will continue to pay for
    their greed with their lives. They will continue to die for the lies that
    were fixed to support their policy of greed, power and imperialism.
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    Yawn. It was all about oil. Whatever.

    Seriously, though, should a British company (which is what the B in BP stands for) not seek to expand oil markets during the war? Should they wait until American soldiers come home? Should all oil companies cease overseas operations to keep from the appearance of "profiting from the war?"
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    Why oil? Due to terrorist activities and our willingness to leave Iraqi oil under Iraqi control, the only way American oil companies have profited was by sale of petroleum product to the military for their use in the war. If Bush supposedly "went to war for oil," then why don't you extend that to the companies that make bullets, guns, bombs, planes, tanks, and other weapons of war. They're making a mint compared to the oil business.
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    BP recently changed the BP to stand for "beyond petroleum." They changed it for a greenwashing campaign, they wanted to appear more interested in moving towards renewable energy. I was awash in skepticism after this name change. But, they actually have become one of the most progressive multinational energy companies in this regard.

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