Pols demand quick Iraq exodus(kerry and murtha)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Stephanie, May 23, 2006.

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    As soon as there's some good new's coming out of Iraq, look who steps in and tries to silence it, with the QUAGMIRE quote.
    By Casey Ross
    Tuesday, May 23, 2006 - Updated: 10:34 AM EST

    Seizing on news of violent outbursts that roiled Iraq’s infant government, Bay State Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday called for an international summit to help stabilize the country and accused President Bush of moving too slowly to extract American troops from a “quagmire.”

    “Our soldiers have done their job,” Kerry said. “Now it’s time for the Iraqis to do their job of securing and governing their country, and it is time to get our combat troops home in 2006.”

    Kerry was among several congressmen yesterday increasing pressure for a phased pullout of the nation’s 133,000 troops as Iraq’s parlaiment met for its first session after swearing in a new government. A series of car bombings and drive-by shootings killed 17 people, including seven police officers, as sectarian flare-ups continued to undermine stability.

    However, Bush hailed Iraq’s new government as a turning point in America’s involvement and said sectarian violence has failed to stop political progress. The president also acknowledged tough days ahead for U.S. forces and Iraq’s fragmented leadership.

    “I can understand why people are concerned about whether or not our strategy can succeed because our progress is incremental,” Bush said. “Freedom is moving, but it’s in incremental steps, and the enemy’s progress is almost instant on their TV screens.”

    Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), visiting Boston to accept the JFK “Profiles in Courage” award for his outspoken opposition to the war, predicted mounting public discontent would force Bush to significantly reduce troop levels by fall. “The public is going to demand a change,” he said flatly.

    Bush is scheduled to meet this week with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss the war effort and Iraq’s new government. The president also will meet soon with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who is expected to initiate discussions about a pullout of Japanese troops from Iraq.

    In sharply criticizing Bush’s decision-making yesterday, Kerry said the president has “a misperception about how the war is going and . . . a misperception about what the real policy is that will work.”

    Asked if a U.S. pullout from Iraq would risk leaving the country worse than when American forces arrived, Kerry said Iraq must learn to govern itself. “If you can’t get Iraqis standing up and you don’t have that diplomatic effort, then you have a guarantee of prolonged insurgency with American soldiers trapped in a quagmire,” he said.Bush, while agreeing that Iraqis must take over, said it may take time to realize that goal. “Iraq’s new leaders know they have a great deal of work ahead to broaden the base of their government and unite the people,” he said.
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    I'd be tempted as president to point out to him that everytime that he opens his mouth and emboldens the enemy, it may make in necessary for the troops to stay there an extra 6 months.

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