Poll: Obama is a “Muslim or Hitler or Anti-Christ”

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    Pro-Israel lobby is tightening its screws around US Presiden Barack Hussein Obama by every mean it can – in order to keep his full focus on Islamic Iran and ignore the Zionazi activities of the Zionist-regime around the world, such as assassinating Israeli critics, stealing foreign passports and human organs and its grave human rights abuses. After the recent insulting treatment of Zionist Vice-president Joe Biden received during his recent pilgrimage to Tel Aviv – instead of standing up to Washington’s little client state, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not ashamed to attend the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) conference. Her groveling submission to the Zionist regime delivered in her speech - received a standing ovation from the American audience with their loyalties to a foreign country (Israel) when she said: “The US is determined not to allow Iran to aquire nuclear bombs (watch the video at the bottom of this post)”.

    The Harris Poll taken in March has revealed that:

    1. 32% Americans (57% Republicans) believe that Obama is a Muslim.

    2. 20% (38% Republicans) believe that Obama is doing many of the things Hitler did.

    3. 14% (24% Republicans) believe that Obama may be the Anti-Christ (Dajjal).

    4. 40% (67% Republicans) believe Obama is a socialist.

    5. 25% (45% Republicans) believe Obama is not an American by birth, therefore, under Constitution he cannot be the President of the USA.

    Now, all these assertions do have some background. For example, Obama does have a Muslim middle name (Hussein), so his father being allegedly an African Muslim could be true. Israel-First Evangelic Pastor John Hagee, who was welcomed by Bibi Netany on stage at the “Night to Honor Israel” in Jerusalem during Joe Biden and George Mitchell visits earlier this month. In his speech, Hagee called Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad “the Hitle of the Middle East” and denounced the Goldstone Report as “character assassination by an unbiased and uninformed committee”. Interestingly, how these Christian “holimen” sell their soul for Jewish money can be judged by John Hagee’s March 16, 2003 sermon, “The Final Dictator”, in which he stated that Anti-Christ, like Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx, will be a homosexaul partial Jewish. Both Rev. Jerry Falwell and Rev. Pat Robertson were of the opinion that the Anti-Christ would be Jewish – but both had long apologized to the Jews under Jewish Lobby for the belief which has existed among Christians (Books of Daniel and Revelation) for the past 2000 years.

    Gilad Atzmon wrote an interesting review of the current Obama-bashing by the Jewish Lobby under the heading Judea declares war on Obama:

    “Last week we read about AIPAC’s assault against President Obama. It was reported that the Jewish Lobby in America took its gloves off. In the open, AIPAC decided to mount pressure on the american leadership and President Obama in particular.

    Jewish lobbies certaily do not hold back when it comes to pressing states, world leaders and even super-powers. AIPAC’s behavior last week reminded me of the declaration of Jewish war against Nazi Germany in 1933. Not many people are aware that in March 1933, long before Hitler became the undisputed leader of Germany and began restricting the rights of German Jews, the American Jewish Congress (CJC) announced a massive protest at Madison Square Gardens and called for an American boycott of German goods.

    If you wonder why Jewish politicians repeat exactly the same mistakes time after time, the answer is easy. Jews don’t know their history for there is no Jewish history. As it happens, Jewish history is a set of fables tied clumsily together to portray a false image of victorious narrative. Jewish history is a set of blind spots bundled together by myth, fantasies and lies, in order to present the illusion of a coherent past narrative and a vague semblance of choronology….”

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