Politico: Connecticut Officially A Battleground State...

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    I know Politico's reputation has been tarnished lately, but if true, this is pretty devastating for the Democrats.

    According to Politico, the state of Connecticut is now considered to be a battleground state in the upcoming November election. Several factors have contributed to the shift in a state that was assumed to continue its legacy as an automatic win for the Democratic party.

    First, two polls have now suggested that Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon is several points ahead of her opponent, Congressman Chris Murphy, in the race for retiring Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s seat. A Rasmussen survey of likely voters found McMahon to be three points ahead of Murphy, 49-46%, and now a Quinnipiac University poll, a larger sample of likely voters, also arrived at a 49-46% lead for McMahon. Of particular note is that, with Independents, McMahon leads by double digits, 55-40%, over Murphy.

    The left-leaning Public Policy Polling survey of voters (not likely voters) found Murphy, a protégé of former Sen. Chris Dodd, to be leading McMahon, 48-44%.

    Now, Republicans should be cautious, as McMahon, who is funding her own campaign, is already known across the state from her first unsuccessful run against current Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) in 2010, to fill Dodd’s seat.

    Another factor that explains the shift in Connecticut’s status is that the Quinnipiac poll has President Obama leading Mitt Romney in the state by a narrow 52-45% lead. Obama handily won this state over Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in 2008 by 23 points. With Independent voters in Connecticut, however, the race is even tighter with Romney leading Obama, 49-47%...

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    Politico: Connecticut Officially a Battleground State

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