Plesner Cmte: 80% of haredim will serve in IDF by 2016

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    Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner, who headed the Plesner Committee to devise an alternative to Tal Law, presented the panel's findings Wednesday, despite them being rendered toothless.

    The committee, tasked with forming provisions for a universal draft that would include the haredi and Arab sectors, was dissolved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday.

    The move was harshly criticized as one meant to placate the religious parties and avert a crisis that might topple the Coalition; as well as cowering before the Arab public's wrath.

    "The committee met for hundreds of hours, held dozens of meetings, heard dozens of experts, performed exhaustive staff work… in an effort to produce the most comprehensive work on this subject in Israel's history," Plesner stated on Tuesday. "We have every intention of releasing our findings."

    The 90-page interim report "can lead to a fundamental change in Israeli society by creating a new social treaty that will see more sectors on Israeli society shoulder the burden of service," its executive summery said.

    "We do not wish to trample on any sector's rights. We aim to foster a historic change and create a more cohesive, united society."

    The committee found that the State should follow a strict set of supra-principles regarding universal draft, including:

    * Imposing the principle of universal service on all Israeli citizens.
    * Imposing individual liability on anyone trying to evade the service.
    * Offering those serving in the IDF incentives and increased compensation.
    * Formulating an effective enforcement system against those violating draft directives.
    * Mandating the draft of ultra-Orthodox men.
    * Applying the principle of universal service to the Arab sector via National Service opportunities.

    Plesner Cmte: 80% of haredim will serve in IDF by 2016 - Israel News, Ynetnews
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