Plan For The Gulf Coast Plan--Post Lincolnesque Invasion

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    So The Obama Administration has announced the plan for the creation of. . .the plan. . .for Gulf Coast Restoration! This 'ol Recovery is Speedin' up. . .Fine!

    Bad News for Tea Party and Conservative GOP. Science and Technology will be included. There will further be Stimulus level support for impacted communities, businesses and indivudals. There is no tax increase on the rich--which GOP Conservatives , suddenly all believe in--or on the poor--which GOP Conservatives have always believed in--even at the expense of the mortgage payments: To rachet down the deficit.

    Eurasia Review | Eurasia Review

    Anyone guesses that the deficit gets paid down, when money is back in the till.

    Only recently, of course, it has become very clear that putting money in the till is not a GOP Conservative, policy agenda. Hoarding instead, the Total Credit Market, has become the GOP Conservative, policy agenda.

    And so again the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln, Now Again Even On The Ravaged Coasts that he missed before: Is about to be capped in deed, in projects, and in funding.

    On His side, Leaving no part of The Old South untouched--including untorched--there is "Drill, Baby, Drill!" and "Spill, Baby, Spill!" in support!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Their famous General Sherman had declared his own intention to actually be Right, instead of President! Only later on would some other make famous, "What did he know, and When did he know it?! It is so easiy to apply their "principles," to their people, even then!)

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