Person of 'national security concern' was accidentally granted permanent residency

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    If you're a terrorist I guess Canada will embrace you and allow you to stay in Canada forever. If you are a hard working, dedicated person, the covert predators will have their way with you in Ontario.

    How many other such accidents have occurred? How many have been exported or spread radical hatred for the West online which results in deaths in another country?

    No wonder our allies don't trust us...

    Person of 'national security concern' was accidentally granted permanent residency | CBC News

    A person of "national security concern" was granted permanent residency "due to a series of failures" by the Canadian border agency and immigration department.

    In light of the incident both departments have had to introduce changes in what the public safety minister's office is calling a "completely unacceptable" mistake.

    The changes were outlined in a briefing note sent by Canada Border Services Agency president John Ossowski to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in early 2018 regarding the 2017 error.

    A heavily redacted copy of the document was recently obtained by CBC News through access to information laws.

    The briefing note, titled "Subject of national security concern granted permanent residency" says the subject — their name, age and gender are redacted for privacy reasons — was granted permanent resident status "due to a series of failures on the part of both Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada and the CBSA."

    That means the person is entitled to most social benefits — including health care — can live, work and study anywhere in Canada, and is protected by Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but isn't considered a Canadian citizen.
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