CDZ Partisans putting their agenda's over their country and countrymen ?

Discussion in 'Clean Debate Zone' started by beagle9, May 16, 2017.

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    . Yep, he had an anti-white power agenda, and the dumb useful liberal whites played along as if they weren't or wouldn't be the target of his anti-white power agenda in the end. Liberal whites are the very definition of useful idiot's. Of course anyone who speaks about or against the transformation of America is a racist you know. Good grief... The entire situation from day one was so easy to read. It's time to get this racism behind us in this nation, but first there is alot to be undone, and then to be fixed in order to get everyone back on the right track to unifying all races in this country. Barack blew it for so many because he was tainted by being brainwashed in his youth, and by his surroundings during his upbringing in which was total confusion caused by the unstable circumstances in which he had grown up in.. A rebel looking for a cause is what he was, but that cause wasn't America's cause even though he tried to make it so.

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