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    Unusual is the understatement of the year:

    Ginsburg might be onto to something if Supreme Court justices were required to sing for their suppers. Can’t you just hear how their decisions would sound if they were put to music? They could jazz up dull decisions by adding a dance routine to the song. Being lawyers they could put their words to the Twist:

    Fat Boys The Twist - YouTube

    This is even funnier! Big Government Ginsburg an originalist!

    Aug 3, 8:47 PM EDT
    Justice Ginsburg weighs legal lessons of opera
    Associated Press

    News from The Associated Press

    Give me a break, Ruthie. What’s wrong with liberty growing society as the Founders intended instead of diminishing it by law?

    Incidentally, I wonder which opera taught Ginsburg that welfare state human Rights funded with tax dollars are better than individual liberties?

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Egypt: Don't Use US Constitution As A Model | RealClearPolitics

    I’m not certain if Verdi’s Slave Chorus from Nebucco offers a legal lesson, but Ginsburg could learn from it anyway:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldkLhMlF_SE&feature=player_embedded]Ron Paul - Song For Liberty - YouTube[/ame]

    Song For Liberty
    When you sing I'm singing with you liberty
    When you cry I cry with you in sorrow
    When you suffer I'm praying for you libertyFor your struggles will bring us a new tomorrow
    Days of sad darkness and fear must one day crumble
    For the force of your kindness and love make them tremble
    When you sing I'm singing with you liberty
    In the void of your absence I keep searching for you
    Who are you dream illusion or just reality
    Faith ideal desire revolution
    I believe you're the symbol of our humanity
    Lighting up the world for eternity
    I can see why men die to defend you
    Try to guard to protect and attend you
    When you sing I'm singing with you liberty
    With your tears or your joys I love you
    Let us sing and rejoice make our own history
    Songs of hope with one voice guide us to victory
    Liberty, Liberty
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    Ruthy and the Originals.

    What a joke. What a sick, sad joke on this once great nation

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