One reason why job creation isn't better

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    No doubt there are many reasons why the economy is sputtering and UE remains too high. One of the big ones is the costs of over regulation; nobody argues that some regulation is necessary, but it's gotta be effective and worth the cost. Looks to me like it's gone way too far.


    " According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Wayne Crews, regulation’s “hidden cost” has ballooned to $1.8 trillion on an annual basis. Think about that for a moment: the price of various rules and barriers to production foisted on job-creating businesses is over half as much as our extraordinarily bloated federal government each year. This is both incredibly wasteful and economically ruinous.
    In 2011 alone, regulators largely operating free of Congressional oversight issued 3,807 new rules. With the economy still struggling to re-enter the fast lane one might assume that the regulatory burden would have been lightened in 2012. You would assume incorrectly. So far, 2,298 new rules have been added, and Crews notes that we’re “on a trajectory to beat 2011 rather handily.”
    If so, it would be naïve for anyone to assume that our jobless rate is set to decline anytime soon. Quite the opposite would be the more realistic assumption, and for obvious reasons.
    To put it very plainly, regulations inhibit. As opposed to fostering profit motivated production that attracts new investment that funds job-creating expansion, regulations distract businesses of all sizes from their core mission. "

    The Path To Job Creation Runs Through Regulatory Reform - Forbes
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