Oil, Israel and Military

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    The three primary problematic parts of the United States Foreign Policies in the Middle East are oil, Israel and military. The bad oil deals between the Middle East Kingdoms and the western industrialized oil consuming nation and the creation of the Jewish State of Israel happen first. Then came the huge western military contracts and deals with the State of Israel and the Arab nations, with each side competing for more than the other.

    It is the combined lobbying forces of the oil industry, pro-Israel and the military industrial complex that are at the root to many of the problems we face in the Middle East today. The sooner the American people and system wake-up to this fact, the sooner we will be able to come up with working answers to many of the problems. All three parts of the problems have to be addressed to solve any one of them. There is not a one part solution.

    The answers will be found by bringing a better balance into the equation. Whether it is the use of financial resources between the oil rich Arab nations and the poorer Arab nations or the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis a better balance has to be reached. Less money spent of military programs and more money allocated for improving the lives of the average Arab person on the streets. The Arab people of Palestine live in some of the worst conditions on earth.

    Once things are brought better into balance in the Middle East the living conditions of many of the Arab people will improve. This is the first step to long term peace and security for the people of the region and world. By bringing a better balance to the region you will disenfranchise the extremists. Unlike today where we are only feeding the fire making a bad situation worst.
    Peace Reform Initiative in the Middle East
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    People will spend their money however they feel is necessary.
    If the Arabs of Palestine have it so bad, then why don't the oil rich countries that make billions selling oil help them?

    As long as they act like animals and fight like dickless cowards they will get treated as such.

    We Americans are not the ones that need to change our minds about our policies, its the Palestinians and other Arabs that do.

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