Oil and Vinegar

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    Oil and Vinegar

    By: Bob - Nov• 28•12

    Conservatives have occasionally mocked President Obama as “the One,” or the “Messiah,” or with similar titles for the cult-like fervor of his followers. Actor Jamie Foxx proves at the Soul Train Awards on BET that we grossly underestimated just how surreal that cult has become, as Foxx gave thanks to, “our Lord and Savior Barack Obama,” and the crowd cheered.

    It makes you wonder: how can some give Barack Obama so much support, when household income has declined 11.1% during his Presidency? Sadly, I think Mitt Romney may have been dead-on accurate when he said that Obama voters want “free stuff.”

    Barack Obama is carrying out Cloward-Piven to it’s designed end: he wants to so overwhelm the American public welfare system with demand that it collapses capitalism in the United States.

    People who don’t work can derive a stunning amount of “free stuff” out the federal government, as long as they are willing to trade their liberty for slavery.

    Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker just recently made headlines by promising to live for a week on a food stamp budget of roughly $4.16 a day. They made it sound miserable, almost inhumane. That comes out to be $133.26 per person monthly. For a family of four that’s a whopping $533.04 a month, just on food. That’s more than many middle class families spends now, and food stamps are just supposed to be “assistance?”


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    Mayor Booker takin' up the SNAP challenge...
    Why is Newark Mayor Cory Booker living on food stamps?
    December 4, 2012 : Mayor Cory Booker says access to food is becoming a 'social-justice issue,' and he wants to raise awareness about how hard it is to live off food stamps – about $30 a week.

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