Odd Jobs of the Rich & Famous

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    1. Before making it big as The King, Elvis Presley was a
    a) Fisherman
    b) Truck driver
    c) Piano tuner

    2. Artist Henri Matisse didn't plan to become a painter. He started out as a
    a) Clown
    b) Lawyer
    c) Plumber

    3. Before she became a huge star and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean Mortenson worked in
    a) An ice cream parlor
    b) A gas station
    c) A defense factory

    4. Sports announcer extraordinaire Howard Cosell didn't always work in the sports world. He began his career as a
    a) Cab driver
    b) Lawyer
    c) Real estate agent

    5. Before she became a superstar, Madonna worked at
    a) The Gap
    b) Starbucks
    c) Dunkin' Donuts

    6. Samuel Morse, inventor of Morse code, didn't start out inventing systems of telegraphic alphabets. What was his original occupation?
    a) Goat farmer
    b) Art professor
    c) Ballet dancer

    7. Prior to her career as an actor and comedian, Whoopi Goldberg worked at a number of different jobs, including
    a) Funeral home makeup artist
    b) Emergency medical technician
    c) Computer programmer

    8. Before she became interested in cooking, chef Julia Child had a very different career. During World War II, Child
    a) Taught scuba diving to naval cadets
    b) Worked for the Office of Strategic Services
    c) Drove an ambulance

    9. What was Danny DeVito's profession before he became a Hollywood mogul?
    a) Hairdresser
    b) Taxi dispatcher
    c) Electrician

    10. Early in her career, poet Maya Angelou was a
    a) Nightclub performer
    b) Chimney sweep
    c) Florist

    11. Prior to entering politics and becoming the 38th president of the United States, Gerald Ford worked as a
    a) Model
    b) Astronaut
    c) Doctor

    12. Sean Connery held a variety of jobs before he became famous as 007, including
    a) Eyeglass salesman
    b) Ice cream man
    c) Coffin polisher

    ANSWERS: 1) B; 2) B; 3) C; 4) B; 5) C; 6) B; 7) A; 8) B; 9) A; 10) A; 11) A; 12) C

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