obama, what about the promises you have already made?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by strollingbones, Sep 16, 2009.

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    chicken farm
    obama seems to neglect fullfilling the promises he has already made...


    withdrawal from afghanistan and iraq...(it does not matter if one agrees or not, he said he would do it)

    why is the media not holding his feet to the fire with the daily death counts? you do not hear of the new numbers of the dead under obama.

    legalization of pot...esp. medical clinics...stopping the closing of those...still not happened..

    obama is taxing this and that..when he could legalize pot and tax it...stop this bullshit and do what you said you would do. btw this is the reason bill maher has turned on obama.

    unification of this country....seems more bitter than before

    this is one of the major problems in this country...is it working for the political machine or for the people...seems to be working for the political machine..perhaps its time for the people to wake up?

    he said he would hit the ground running....so far he has been very clumsy in what he has done...

    the cash for clunkers was just a total sell out to the car companies...3 billions could have gone futher in r & d for new hybrids etc...all the cash for clunkers did was clear inventories..

    i am truly disappointed in the overall attitude of obama and his people...you dont get a free pass on anything...you have to work for it...i havent seen obama work for much ...other than raising sin taxes...and one mans pleasure is always another man's sin...
    why should anyone believe his new set of promises when the old ones are still unfullfilled?

    btw...amid the cries of racism....if obama where a white guy doing this shit....he would be hanging in effigy....all over this country....
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    Then there's this:

    Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions - Yahoo! News

  3. KittenKoder

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    Want to know what's wrong, watch this, it sums up my feelings:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsIIptHkFxA]YouTube - Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Madtv[/ame]
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    Broken promises?

    Ask the "Transparency" crowd who has seen Obama mirror the Bush arguments to keep documents sealed. Ask the Senior Citizens making under $50,000 who didn't get their income taxes ended as promised. Ask the loopy Left about why Obama continues to use "signing statements" they so wailed about Bush using.

    Of course, the lobbyists in his Administration that he swore to keep out probably won't want to discuss the matter, but I'll bet the gay community would be willing to discuss his support of the Defense of Marriage Act that he promised to repeal. Ask the unemployed how they feel about Obama's promise never delivered to create a $3,000 tax credit for jobs created, or how they still have to pay penalties for using their retirement accounts early just to get by despite his promise to the contrary.

    And while we're on the subject, if you had tuned in to C-SPAN to see the healthcare debate negotiated there as Obama had promised, don't adjust your television set. It was another lie. And if you're expecting to see 5 days of public comment before the bill is signed, feel free to hold your breath. The Bills often don't receive enough comment time for the lack of oxygen to do any significant long term damage.

    Yes, it would seem like absolute insanity for us to assume he would keep any promise. After all, even his promise to his kids to adopt a shelter dog went broken, resulting in Senator Kennedy having to purchase one for them from his breeder. Oh and, not a peep from PETA on that!

    Yes, change. Really?


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