Obama Tries To Bypass Congress Once More…

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    Obama Tries To Bypass Congress Once More…​

    By: Curt

    It was just a week ago when Harry Reid and other Democrats told Obama to bypass Congress and hike the debt limit himself:

    “In the event that Republicans make good on their threat by failing to act, or by moving unilaterally to pass a debt limit extension only as part of an unbalanced or unreasonable legislation, we believe you must be willing to take any lawful steps to ensure that America does not break its promises and trigger a global economic crisis — without congressional approval, if necessary,”​

    Nevermind the fact that no one in Congress, nor Congress itself, can grant such power. The law states only Congress can raise the debt limit. But Reid would have Obama rule his subjects as a King would.

    As we all know with our majesty, he doesn’t take too much prodding to rule like a king.


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