Obama To Make Seven Campaign Stops Before Visiting Hurricane Area

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    ["Mitt Romney parties while black people are drowning?" Ehhh? What was that?
    Our fundraiser in chief apparently isn't very concerned about black people downing either. But then again, Baracky Obammunist knows that every perv in the media will joyfully leap into the fray, 24/7, 365, to cover any and all goofs, faux pas, or miscues he may generate in the course of his campaigning for another four more.]

    "You think the MSM would have given Bush a pass on this?

    Via Weekly Standard:

    By the time Barack Obama visits the place in Louisiana where Hurricane Isaac hit on September 3, he will have made 7 campaign stops and held 8 campaign events since the storm first made landfall.

    The storm, Hurricane Isaac, first made landfall on August 28, 2012, at about 6:45 p.m.

    Since that time, here’s what Obama has done:

    He’s held an event on the cost of education at Fort Collins, Colorado. That was on August 28.

    Also, on August 28, Obama held a campaign event in Ames, Iowa. Likewise, the president spoke about education.

    The next day, Obama traveled to the swing state of Virginia for a event near the University of Virginia. In Charlottesville, Virginia, Obama spoke also about education and “the choice for young voters.”"

    Obama Will Have Made 7 Campaign Stops Before Visiting Where Hurricane Hit… | Weasel Zippers

    "They’re still just JournoLists

    Posted by William A. Jacobson Friday, August 31, 2012 at 9:24am

    The media moved with stunning symmetry this week is seeking any and every means of tearing down the Republican National Convention, and particularly Paul Ryan.

    To borrow their favorite metaphor, it was as if someone blew a dog whistle that only the liberal media could hear.

    National Journal, which until now I have viewed as one of the few relatively neutral news entities, soiled itself when its Editor in Chief, Ron Fournier, wrote a rant titled Why (and How) Romney is Playing the Race Card, in which he translated what two other people said in an interview into what he believed they were saying and then used his beliefs as proof of racism applied broadly to opponents of Obama:

    I share this story to crack the code – the subtle language of distrust and prejudice that whites use to communicate deep-set fears, and that cynical politicians translate into votes. Translating Miller and Benson:

    “Subsidization” = Welfare

    “Generational Apathy” = Lazy

    “They Slept All Day” = Blacks Sleep All Day

    “I Feel Like a Fool” = I’m Mad As Hell

    I have not seen such a feeding frenzy since the Palin nomination. When it came to Palin it was mostly very personal attacks on her and her family, particularly her son Trig.

    For Ryan, it was false and hyperbolic “fact checks” which were not fact checks but political arguments.

    Yes, Obama weakened the work rules required of states for welfare; how that weakening is described is a matter of the usual political puffery on both sides, but hardly evidence that Ryan’s speech was dishonest. And Ryan was correct that Obama promised that a Janesville auto plant would stay open if he were elected, and the decision by GM to permanently shutter the plant was not taken until six months after Obama took office and after the auto bailout; yet the media tried to claim Ryan lied, until the media itself was fact checked by the right blogosphere.

    I can’t wait to see how these same major newspapers and networks swarm over every word and nuance spoken at the DNC.

    They’re all just JournoLists, in heart if not history.

    The JournoList revealed what we always have known. What we call “journalism” really is a stacked deck against Republicans and conservatives."

    » They’re still just JournoLists - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

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