Obama Has a Listening Problem...

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    Obama Has a Listening Problem is the headline of Karl Rove's weekly opinion column in today's Wall Street Journal. The problem being he isn't hearing the message of last week's shellacking that took hundreds of elected Dimocrats down in flames because of him.

    He just doesn't get it that voters outright rejected his policies, especially independent voters without whose support he is dead in the water come '12, and ditto lots more Dims if they choose to continue to support him going forward.

    A joint poll by organizations headed by Dim James Carville and Rep Ed Gillespie details how badly independent votes rejected Obama & Co. on Nov. 2:

    - 56% voted for GOP candidates...38% for Dimocrats

    - the 56% GOP vote represents a 36-point swing from the '06 midterms and a 26-point swing from the '08 presidential election

    - 79% of independents think the country is on the wrong track

    Breakdown of independent support for Republicans vs. Dimocrats on various issues:

    - on jobs and unemployment 50% - 27%

    - the economy 48% - 25%

    - government spending 50% - 23%

    - federal budget deficit 53% - 17%

    - taxes 54% - 23%

    Carville and Gillespie also found that 51 % of all midterm voters and 57% of independents believe ObamaCare should be "repealed or replaced."

    And Obama continues to cling to the absurdity that the ass kicking he and his party took last week was all a communications problem. The gifted orator just simply failed to deliver.

    Link to column Karl Rove: Obama Has a Listening Problem - WSJ.com

    Wonder how those 23 Dim Senators who have to face the voters in two short years are feeling about supporting their president's programs between now and election day? And ditto for the House Dims who just saw 60-something of their comrades get kicked to the curb.

    I'd wager lots of them are hoping for some change from Barry, but I wouldn't advise them to hold their breath. On second thought....
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    The elections weigh heavily on the Senators who are left. They didn't listen last time, and they saw the effect of that. Even if 0bama is not interested in listening, the Senators who are left will be.

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