Obama: Father and Son

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    Obama's dada was a socialist and his mama was a communist sympathizer...

    Obama: Father and Son
    In order to "have" his missing father, Obama has had to become him.
    December 30, 2016
    Phyllis Chesler

    Psychologically speaking, what Obama has just done at the UN is a clear cut example of how scapegoating works.

    Our lame duck President is furious and feels impotent because he has so totally failed his party in the recent elections. The Democrats may have lost a thousand seats—in addition to the White House.

    Obama's considerable self-regard, coupled with his very thin skin, has propelled him to punish a blameless target for his frustration and rage.

    That target is Jewish Israel.


    Thus, in my view, Obama is a very hard man--a cold man. Here's why. He is a man whose African, biological father abandoned him. Like so many father-wounded sons, Obama is still trying to please that absent and long deceased father--and to be as "hard" as he was--against Western colonial forces.

    In order to "have" his missing father, Obama has had to become him, and to do so, he had to adopt his Muslim father's anti-white, anti-British, anti-European, and anti-Zionist passions and prejudices; from a psychological point of view, Obama had to savagely limit America's standing in the world and to humiliate and endanger it.


    Obama is perpetually after the father who never looked back. D'Souza quotes what Kenyan, Sarah Obama told Newsweek; she is not Barack’s actual grandmother but is one of his grandfather's other wives: "I look at him and I see all the same things--he has taken everything from his father. The son is realizing everything the father wanted. The dreams of the father are still alive in the son."

    Anthropology is the queen science of cultural relativism, the originally Western source which taught us to romanticize tribal and barbaric culture and demonize Western civilization. Yes, Obama could have learned all this from his anthropologist mother. If so, he is relatively silent about it. But he boasts of other sources of inspiration, all of whom are Third World men.

    Anti-colonialism and anti-neo-colonialism are the ruling ideologies on the Western campus; that--and a poisonously misguided but core belief that Israel is a colonialist country that has done to the "Palestinians" what European countries once did to India, Asia, South America, and above all, to Africa.

    Politically correct ideologues do not acknowledge that Muslims have also been colonialists, imperialists, slave-traders and slave-owners, who have also practiced gender and religious apartheid and permanent, global Jihad against infidels.

    Nor does Obama. He preferred the Muslim world—and has, almost insanely, further strengthened a nuclear and theocratic Iran.

    Based on this brief psychological profile it is clear that Obama will do all that he can--not to alleviate the profound and enormous suffering of Syrians and Iraqis--but to further "spoil" Israel—the one and only Jewish state. In the last days, even hours, of his Presidency, he will try to have whatever he and Kerry cook up at the upcoming conference in Paris, rushed to the UN Security Council for yet another anti-Israel vote.

    Do not expect Obama to yield up stage center gracefully. His anti-America and anti-Israel act will soon open in other theaters of war.

    Obama: Father and Son

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