Obama Falls Short - Support HR 615

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    Full Posting and video at Obama Q&A Falls short | BorderlineIQ
    So, does everyone feel better today after watching Obama speak last night? After his speech I was flipping channels to get to over all feel of what people thought about his Q&A. I think Bill O’Reilly said it best when he said (talking about himself) that he has a Harvard degree and has no clue to what Obama said. I had to point out O’Reilly as I think he is totally correct. In my last posting, I said Obama has no bill in place to speak of so what is he going to say? Well, in 55min he answered 11 questions. He sounded good but I thought he lacked substance to his answers.

    I expected Obama to get up and say “I expect” and then give some direction or at least what he would like to see from Congress in a healthcare bill. The only thing he said was that he still likes the idea of taxing the rich. Well I think we all heard that one before.

    In typical Obama fashion he takes a yes or no question and talks about everything under the sun but never answers the question. Perfect example, one reporter asked about a Resolution that Congressman Fleming is sponsoring that request that anyone in Congress that votes yes for Obama healthcare, will commit to moving their healthcare to the public plan. CONGRESS SCARED OF HEALTHCARE | BorderlineIQ As I know it, most of the Republicans signed, were every DEM in the house has said no, that they wouldn’t sign this commitment. Obama then said he already has the best healthcare in the world and it’s not about him. The reporter even tried to clarify Obama’s answer as yes or no when he was passed on to the next question.

    Do you feel comfortable with this new plan even if your President or Congress won’t take it as their own healthcare coverage? Since we the people will be paying for this healthcare plan well into the next generation, I would like to see all of Congress, put our money where your mouth. Congress, like those of us that will be mandated to take this health plan or be fined, should commit to switching their families over to the new plan or VOTE NO! Yes, it’s that simple! I believe a good leader, leads by example not by what words they use.

    There are people that want to look out for you. Congressman Fleming (also known as Doctor Fleming) has only been in office for 6 months and needs your help. Support him and HR 615 !!



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