Obama "do as I say..agencies to cut back on everything -not as I do!

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    President Obama wants the federal government to do some belt-tightening during tough economic times. On Tuesday he signed an executive order directing agencies to cut back on everything from travel to cellphones, printing, and even promotional or commemorative items such as T-shirts, plaques and mugs.

    Each executive-branch agency has a month and a half to identify areas to slash expenditures by 20 percent below fiscal 2010 levels, which will produce what the White House estimates will be $4 billion in annual cost savings.

    BUT THAT DOESN'T APPLY TO OBAMA! Hawaiian trip..
    minimum $9 million just for Air Force One!

    Mr. Obama is traveling to Hawaii on Friday to host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, which aims to advance trade and other U.S. economic ties to the region, and then will move on to Australia to promote the two countries’ longstanding alliance. He will end his travel in Bali at another summit, this one aimed at boosting security and anti-terrorism initiatives with Pacific Rim nations.

    Air Force One will be flying an estimated 50 hours in 10 days, from Washington to San Diego to Honolulu to Canberra, Australia, to Darwin, Australia, to Bali, Indonesia, and then back to Washington. The 50 hours of flight time, multiplied by the $181,000 per hour to operate Air Force One, amounts to more than $9 million, not including the cost of staff time for those traveling with him.
    Obama calls for belt-tightening on eve of Asian tour - Washington Times

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