Obama Did Not Invent The Modern Marxist American State!

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    Once upon a time, in "Communist Manifesto," Karl Marx created a sequence of stages which included the communist outcome. Socialism was a step along the way. Anyone noting the link below: Would conclude that the Marxist Agenda was actually fashionable to implement in America, over 100 years ago. Obama didn't do this.

    The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

    Regardless of the editorial remarks in the link, the time-frame of the implementation is clear. Obama wasn't even around here.

    This was all happening way before Barack Obama was born, and "coincidentally" Abe Lincoln, and Karl Marx personally, were both long-term summer visitors, one year, to a far less populous, City of New York, over 150 years ago.

    In the United States, there is public education, a graduated income tax, government-controlled property-use zoning, a central credit market, multiple household wage-earners, and the other items. None of these agenda are laizzez-faire outcomes, and mostly they are political outcomes. Multiple household wage-earners are mostly an atrocity, of the 24/7 "worker's paradise," envisioned by Karl Marx.

    Many would say than an anarchy is socialist, which is the absence of any government whatsover(?). There would clearly be markets(?). There would be no interference from any "state.(?) Mostly, all conservatives, even now, abhor an anarchy!

    No one claims that stock market share ownership is a form of "collective" ownership of the means of production. That claim is never made, even though it fits the kind of systemic inequalities generally regarded socialist. Famously, in the Soviet economy there were systemic inequalities, forced at gunpoint: So Famous that they were in fact forced at gunpoint!

    Obama neither advocates an anarchy, nor a Soviet gun-point led economy in the United States. That is being done, actually, in Iraq and in Afghanistan! Obama is attempting to withdraw from both direct market interventions. Bush-Cheney, and RNC, had no such concept--and McCain-Palin didn't even pretend to have that kind of "vision." (Vlad could be seen shirtless, bareback, and maybe with nothing on at all: From the porch!)

    The income scale precludes any kind of laizzez-faire from the start. The state creates a public currency, which get distributed. That distribution is more likely to parties interested in the state, the support of its rules, and the outcomes of inequality that are famous world-wide. The supply and demand price model is distorted from the start. Famously, as the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer: The mortgages don't get paid, and the rich houses all come tumbling down!

    That is not a free-market outcome. See, in fact, anarchy: Described!

    Anyone can say that Barack Obama is not an anarchist! An anarchy requires a condition of Widespread Wealth Worldwide, like in successive equal amount payments, over time, to adjust for the intervention-created inflation--which happens from the start. The differences between incomes tend to diminish.

    Obama has created that model in the "Make Work Pay," generally equal amount, refundable tax credit.

    Millions can read about it, on the tax forms already! Obama may have in fact started the creation of an anarchy, reliant on a concept of Widespread Wealth Worldwide!

    "Crow, James Crow, Shaken: Not Stirred!"
    (Bring Wampum of Many Squaws To Reservations! Formerly Poor Nations, flourish, in America(?)!)
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