Obama Brand Works Out West! (The "Slush Fund" Is Working!)

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    Republicans clearly can't spot a pay-as-you-go, federal emergency response program: When even it stares them in the face, all over the newsscasts, papers, magazines, and internet reporting everywhere in the world!

    In contrast there is the Obama brand! Senate Leader, Harry Reid has seen a dramatic uptick in his electoral forturnes. In other polling, the California results generally holds an Obama, 58% approval rating, versus 33% not approving. Rasmussen, even, has noticed the support in Nevada, in the link!

    Election 2010: Nevada Senate - Rasmussen Reports

    Likely not even the King of Spain has any scheduled stops in Phoenix, AZ, for the summer. Las Vegas, by comparison, seems to be back in international, and Administration favor, once again. No one knew, before this year, how severely impacted, in Arizona, the language problem had become.

    Rush Limbaugh, faced with taxes actually paying the First Responders of New York City, turned tail and ran away from any sense of obligation to the 9/11, event responders! Governors, in fact, nationwide are facing the succinct difference between the Republicans and Democrats for this coming elections.

    The Obama Brand works! Mostly, liberals have to complain about how it got done. The Republicans were against it from the start--in its entirety--of their famous, "What did they 'No,' and when did they 'No' It(?)! In the case of the stimulus--regarded some nature of slush fund spending, like Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief--the entire House GOP delegation was not on board from the start. The GOP is not on board with unemployment benefits, even now.

    And then when it came to pay-as-you-go kind of emergency response, the Republicans conjured up the need for lawyers, hidden money, slush money, hush money--and long walks on the beach through it all--as their response to an actual pay-as-you-go plan!

    The party of business is not GOP. Even in the financial crisis, what did the bankers all know about business, and "pay-as-you-go?" The Libor, overnight, rates went through the ceiling!

    Obama-Biden, and the Democratic coat-tails: Finally got into office. The Obama approval rating is still respectable, all things happening, all at once!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Casinos in the famous Old West still accept shiny the shiny little, trinkets, even, in some one-armed scenarios, they have! A lot of these are found in Nevada, and in the lands of the many indigenous, aborigine nations. Her Majesty's PM had first noticed that a credit market, instructive lesson would be needed, in Davos--apparently--two years ago. Unlike in the larger banks, it turned out: The setting of a proper "Free Market' is still well-understood, even outside South Chicago!)
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