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    My sister sent this over. Since some profanity is used here I felt this tongue in cheek bit might add some laughs to your day. Enjoy:doubt:

    The Smell Of Economic Recovery Obama Economic Stimulus Jokes

    The following is an official message from the United States Department Of Acronyms

    DOA (not to be confused with the Department of the Army, DA) will release, early next week, a series of new, catchy “words” to help abbreviate cumbersome verbiage surrounding newly formed government programs and official groups or titles.

    The DOA has been a little known, but highly influential department for more than sixty years. Many of these acronymised phrases have found their way into the every day lexicon of American speech. Coming from the WWII era are the now familiar, SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fouled Up) and the more profane, FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition)

    Beginning in 1969, SALT (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks) -leading to START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) - gained household usage. Most recently, the DOA has brought you TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program).

    The complexity, scope and actual meaning of these terms are considerably diminished by the use of such acronyms, but that is by design. Long before being made official, by an obscure clause in the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, most government agencies and the majority of elected officials had voluntarily chosen not to be very specific about any program, legislation, bill or law.

    This seeming lack of specificity or “failure to verbalize details” has prompted the DOA to issue the following definitions, so as to clear up any misconceptions, prior to the release of these new acronyms.

    TURD (Task force Undertaking Responsible Deficits) A Bi-Camberal committee, made up of Democrats and one token Republican -Snowe, Spector and Collins are being considered- to oversee the creation of the CRAP.
    …Snowe, Spector and Collins are being considered -to oversee the creation of the CRAP
    CRAP (Congressional Revenue Action Plan): Working closely with President Obama, the TURD will create the CRAP, which in turn, will produce a number of FARTs.

    FART (Financial Assistance and Response Team): These teams will be responsible to be the vanguard of the effort to stem the flow of any drain on the economy. These “Fiscal Engineers” will use actual dollars to attempt to plug any hole found in the Stimulus Package, SPII, SPIII or TARP II or III. They are also the “eyes and ears” of this program and will report directly to the TURD. Most will be deployed in the open but some will be undercover or stealth.

    BLIND (Beyond Legally Inferred Normal Definitions): Special actions taken by the FARTs, as authorized by the CRAP, to insure “fair and equitable” economic recovery.

    SHIT (Specific Help In Taxation): FARTs will be empowered to levy “targeted windfall additional taxation” upon individuals, groups or companies seen as not paying their “sensible share”.
    In the coming weeks, official releases will be coming out using these new acronyms.

    A sample of what might be seen is provided below.

    The Congressional TURD has passed the CRAP to President Obama. He is expected to initiate the CRAP in a ceremony on the White House lawn later today. Chief of Staff, Rob Emanuel said, “The Crap has passed the smell test. I fully expect the President to release the first FARTs very soon.”

    There are likely to be a large number of FARTs released prior to any movement in the
    economic recovery area.

    In the case of a FART discovering a wealthy person or institution that does not seem to be complying with the Fair and Equitable Rule of the CRAP, they will be referred to the TURD, prior to taking any action. The Congressional TURD will send its recommendations to the President.

    Ultimately it will be the responsibility of President Obama whether the FART should SHIT or go BLIND.

    The DOA hopes this clarifies this matter for you. If you have any questions regarding this or any other acronym, send a SASE to our PO Box and we’ll have an answer for you ASAP. Thank you.

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