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    For years now our society has called attention to countless issues ranging from government and taxes, to the degeneration of “civilized society”. Our economy has been downward spiraling for years while the only solution offered is “spend,” though many have only enough “spending money” to afford to exist. We the people have regressed to the extreme that our leaders now thrive, feeding on our ignorance. We as citizens cannot even grasp the “complexities” of the smoke and mirrors our government passes off as democracy. As we begin a new century our patriotic duty has become “do as told, don’t ask questions”. We follow as we are lead, and we cower in silence for fear of recrimination. Over generations “we the people” have been conditioned to blindly feed our quarters into the never ending merry go round that was once our America.
    We ask, “What would our founding fathers think?” Most experts would say that our society has grown too large and complex for the likes of them to even comprehend. That being said, I completely agree with our nations experts. America has become too complex for our founding fathers. It has become too complex for us all. Government’s exceptions multiplied by their carelessness divided by their ego plus our negative global image minus infinite common sense multiplied by their derelictions will always equal the same value, “the fall of a nation”. We are told “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it,” as we study humanities history. America’s blind faith sense of self has paved America’s road to securing our place in history as a nation of greatness, a civilization to be classified by future generations as we today classify the once great Empire of Rome.
    Once this was our America, “we the people” have forgotten this land bled to serve its people once. We the people are not our politicians, nor the taxes they demand. “We the people” is not merely our privilege as Americans, but our right as free people to uphold, and our duty to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is an oath many great men and women have fought for, an ideal “we the people” have died for. Still and forever the birthright of all Americans born, foreign and domestic.
    My name is Alexander Smith, today our families suffer as government dereliction grows absolute. Tomorrow “we the people stand united”.

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