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    Do you remember that among the terrorists responsible for that huge blast of twin towers in New-York there were foreigners trained in commercial flight schools just in this country, USA! So, congratulations guys! Nothing has changed since then!
    And such schools, hell of them in this country, have been training guys of all sorts without any substantial checking there personal data in all those data bases... you know... on terrorists and criminals and other... You just pay bucks and that's OK! That's the way to get pilot skills in this country.
    I've recently got such a training myself in Florida Airline Academy. During the potluck party our mate had a bit too much and spilled the beans. He just blabbed that he had had dreamt long ago to flight a plane but in France they didn't let him do it due to his criminal background (!) and it was only in "most democratic America" where he managed to put his dream into reality at last!
    Just fancy it, during his college studies that dork made sort of a faked explosive device " just to make scared" the students and teaching stuff. He did it! He even overdid it! Some aged professor had a massive heart attack and died in the result. So that crazy nut could be sent either to the local mental hospital or behind the bars. They chose the last. Peter spent couple of years or so in prison to come here then to realize his long-standing dream. Now that weirdo may well put into practice all his wild ideas related to terrorism or other. Isn't it loony bin in here, guys?

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