Not Sure What Cain or Repubs Are

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jaffeh, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Nov 18, 2011
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    Cain is so grossly ironic that everybody ignores the situation.

    Twenty years ago, the Republicans were SO about character that they impeached Bill Clinton for doing Monica.

    Update, Cain. Cain, Clinton...denials. Well, DUH.

    Investigations. Ugly stuff. Lying and twisting.

    Men generally are too sex charged, sorry, but they are, so they ought not PLAY moral dude unless they have extraordinary self control and real moral convictions they can live with when they're horny.

    But it was the right wing Republicans who went all evangelical on us to the point they would probably send my dad, as far as I know and can imagine, a Republican of true conviction and dedication to Christ, out the back door for being not publicly demonstrative enough.

    It's the going evangelical on us that kills Repubs. And the "business president model."

    Combine the two, business astute and evangelical, and the irony will make your head explode.

    And make America explode.

    Dubya the business man C student but born again Christian about killed "Merka."

    But the Repubs swept that all onto Obama. I'm no big Obama fan. I sat out the last prez election for lack of candidate.

    But the Repubs have so many problems with when it IS okay to get all jiggy with a hot broad, hope she doesn't tell, that possibly capable candidates they love, well, go the way of...losers.

    I'm fifty six and never married mostly because when it came down to intimacy, and I lived in Indiana, every God fearing Republican (I always picked them) GOOD man I ever went out with was a horndog and wanted God's nookie.

    I believe wholly that the accusations against Cain are real. I believe I don't like him for WHOLLY other reasons, ideological. But because of the latter day self righteous right wing, Cain is out. He's no dummy.

    The world is nuts.
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    Jul 28, 2011
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    Simple explanation: Republicans are hypocritical assholes who put on a lot of airs about how their shit doesn't stink; but when they're alone in their house, they know all too well what that rancid smell is that's wafting from out of their trousers.
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