Not Big Enough To Stimulate(?)!

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    Polite discourse about the U. S. National economy, or even the economy in China: Is Probably like this. NAS measures comp.xls

    There are also "Bitter Clingers," to their USD Dollars and Guns, Even in China, and Iran, and Russian, and France, and on and on. And then there is Saudi Arabia, and then even Kuwait, and YeeeeeHaw! The Ivy League Is Like This, and with doctorates!

    The U. S. federal government, Ivy League Run, is set to release its report on the initial stimulus spending. The people included in both the Standard and Revised editions of the U. S. federal government's poverty statistics however: Are already known about. They are of course, not included in the reporting of Stimulus Packages, bail-outs, and cover-up, TARP, "lending" of "The Great Recession." Those were monetary and fiscal policies, originating at the Federal Reserve, and in the Bush and Obama Aministrations.

    People with money, are the people who got stimulus policy outcomes, in the laws. Just coincidentally, these arose after the nappy headed ho'meowners were already in foreclosure status, and about to lose their jobs.

    It will be shown that teachers, government employees, and about 30,000 federal contractors: Were stimuluated. They will be in the reports.

    The Pond Scum Who Caused It All, got the Warbucks, just like before in America.

    Anyone would long for a time long ago: When the old Soviet Bloc was the prime example of "Socialism Gone Mad!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Understanding, of course, Change You Can Believe In--Just like they do, and clearly intended!)
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