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    i wrote answerla, they are a pro palestinian, pro illegal immigration group

    my parts are in bold

    You say israelies should stop occupying palestine.

    do you people know nothing about 1948, when the u.n. partitioned palestine into two states

    In fact, the partition plan was 1947. The partition plan, like the British Mandate period that preceded it, was part of a colonial division of Palestine; the indigenous inhabitants of the land had no say in the resolution, and were not even consulted. The plan resulted in a war -- known as al-nakba (the catastrophe) by palestinians -- in which 700,000 Palestinians were made refugees by force or the fear of force. The Israelis call it their War of Independence.

    why the biased condemnations of israel, and yet no protests against hamas, and hezboallah and their ilk?

    Israel is the occupier. The acts of violence committed by Hamas and Hezbollah not only pale in comparison, but are aimed against the occupation. Thus, these forms of violence are not equivalent. This is as true today as in the early 1500s, when indigenous peoples fought the Spanish conquest, or in the 1791 Haitian slave revolt, or the 1943 Jewish uprisings in the Treblinka and Sobibor extermination camps. We do not share the politics of Hamas and Hezbollah, but the people of the region should be free to elect their own parties without being punished for it (as the Palestinians were after the 2006 election of Hamas.)

    and where do you expect the jews to go if they leave israel, europe where the ovens are?

    As you well know, Jewish people are still living in countries throughout the world, including in Europe. After the Holocaust, most Jews wanted to come to the United States, but were denied due to the anti-semitic U.S. government, and their hope to push Jewish immigrants to the Zionist project instead. Now there are many U.S. citizens who are buying up land in Palestine, because they have a fraudulent "right to return" (to a place many have never been) -- they are not fleeing the Holocaust. There should be, and can be, a secular, democratic state in Palestine that respects the rights of all faiths. Your position is that the rights of one people can only be secured by the exclusion and colonization of another. That is more akin to fascism than democracy.

    or maybe the muslims countries where over 800,000 jews were exiled

    The Zionist colonial project in Palestine, which began far before the Holocaust, has in fact stimulated anti-Semitism in the Middle East and worldwide. They have equated Zionism with Judaism -- a clever, but false maneuver -- but now every crime committed by the Zionist state (and there are many) becomes equated with Judaism. I can say from personal experience that as Jews begin to denounce the crimes of Zionism, this will profoundly shift attitudes everywhere. To combat anti-Semitism, Jews should break from Zionism (a political philosophy based on colonialism and exclusion).

    In that sense, it is similar to race relations in this country. The KKK operated for years in the South, calling itself the defenders of all white people; and few white people stood up in the South to denounce the Klan and come to the defense of African Americans. So to the extent that a resentment of white people developed among African Americans, it should be put in that context. That sentiment could only be broken down by white people joining the civil rights movement and supporting the struggle for justice and equality.
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    History edifies that the Muslim Ottoman Turks colonized "Palestine" for 400 years. Muslims are permitted to be colonists because Allah says so.
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    Makes sense.

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