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    I just discovered this last week. I have watched it through on the anime version once, and the live action version twice. It is so cool

    Basic story is two music students live next door to each other. The guy is a felix Unger type who is fussy, meticulous and mechanical. He wants to conduct. Next door is a girl who is beyond the Oscar Madison type who is a wild free spirit. She wants to be a kindergarten teacher. She also loves music.

    The rub up against each like a pair of agates in a stream, and bring a polish to each other that would not exist otherwise.

    It is a wonderful story full of really great music (the orchestra was conducted by James De Priest, who used to conduct here in Portland) brilliantly chosen. Not just the music as part of the plot (The Brahms piece is a very inspired choice for its place in the plot) but also the incidental music throughout the show. Finlandia is really cool as a piece of menace, as is O Fortuna from Carmina Burana.

    The lady cast as Megume (the female lead) is particularly inspired. She handles the really huge range of emotion and tempo. She is inspired at slapstick, great at the tragic moments, and when the time comes, she shows she has the highest levels of courage as well.

    A couple links. The first is from a kids show. Part of the plot is the Megume wants to be a kindegarten teacher, so she writes this piece of music as part of the exercise class for the kids. I can't imagine any parent wanting anything to do with the teacher who wrote this, but it is very fun.

    [ame=""]Onara Taiso![/ame]
    The other is part of the story. The kids put together an orchestra. An amazing orchestra, this is their version of Rhapsody in Blue. Sugoi!
    [ame=""]Gershwin would have loved it![/ame]
    it is availible varios random places on the net, and also as a manga, which is available in the Multnomah county library, and probably yours too.
    It is a fun and great story.

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