No Wedding No Womb is full of crap

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    No Wedding No Womb is full of crap

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    Copywrite violation, link your source-Meister

    This new movement by 100 angry female bloggers is a wasted effort. The movement should be use a condom, get to know them before you sleep with them, make a family with your married partner but No wedding no womb is a thought process only a woman can understand.

    For example, I as male think women are always holding the womb hostage or using it as a weapon to reach a woman's goal. Women at times my get married and pop out babies to keep a man. Yet, NO wedding no womb thinks holding the puzzy hostage will stop certain elements that effect the black community.

    You know black men in jail, children out of wedlock and etc. Well, recently, Janks Morgan stated that alot of those numbers are double counted. This allows the big white non profits to give money to various movements and support existing non profits.

    Christelyn D. Karazin thinks no wedding no womb is a chance for people to dialog about the movement and things facing the black community but, she appears not to have a clear direction but , due to her connection, she allegedly is able to generate alot of press.

    I went to the no wedding no womb website and, in my personal opinion, it was just bunch of 30 something females on a soap box , grand standing and having a good time with no direction.

    If you don't believe me, you need to hear this interview of Morgan and Karazin. The show was the Foxxhall. If you skip down to 27.00 mins, you will hear Karazin give general answers and no directions to no wedding no womb . After Karazin, Morgan comes in about 10 mins later.

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