No reason not to become a space faring civilization

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    I don't see cost being a problem if the public could understand just how rich in resources space is. One Asteroid may have trillions of dollars in natural resources(metals, minerals,). The moons of Jupiter have more fresh water than all of the earths oceans(Europa)...Really, a baseless anit-space travel argument is the one that keeps being repeated over and over again since the days of Apollo. Can you imagine how much we could help people on earth with double the per capita wealth? .:eusa_shhh: Space is simply that rich in resources.

    O'yes, let's stay here on earth trying to improve the third world argument. LOL. You on the left don't want to destroy the environment of this planet in order to get more resources to grow our economy, No mining, drilling and taping=How the hell are we going to keep increasing our living standards of this planet? Going into space also is green and environmentally friendly you see. :eusa_angel: What's even better it also has the huge side effect of increasing our per capita above our wildest fucking dreams. :eusa_shifty:

    How do we get into space cheaply?

    Two things are going to have to charge
    1# A way to get from the surface to orbit cheaply. Skylon? A vehicle that can take(dozens) multiple people that only needs to be refilled.
    2# methods of constructing ships in space. No way can we build what we need on the surface...

    I'd start building a space hanger near or attached to the international space station...With this I'd build a space ferry with an Ion hall drive(think dawn but 10 times that) that can cheaply take humans back and forth from the moon.

    Next step is to find the cheapest method for a moon base; my opinion, it's the cave. Close it and build within the natural structure provided. We could turn the rest of the public favorable to the development of space by allowing mining and making it profitable. This way it is good for us all. :eusa_whistle:
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